Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Quick Thing.. (ps. Quite Pointless) :) xxxx

Samantha Hasn't Been Up To Much New YEt But SHe Has Been Doing Tons Of Stuff Over THe Last Few Days,SHes That COol. Well You People Better Go Send Her Gifts Cause Shes nice. :) Thanks. xxxx
~Barkinator Avaaaaaaaa!! YEEEEE!!!'

ps. Sorry xD Im bored

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lily And Chole!

Samantha's Beloved Pup, Lily Gets A Picture With Sam's Niece, Chole! :) x

Groove High Recording!

Sam Was Recording Her Upcoming Show ( On Disney, Animated), "Groove High!" It'll Be Coming Out Sometime In 2011! x

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Les Miserables - Royal Variety

Samantha Barks, Aflie Boe, And The Les Mis Cast Performed At The Royal Variety.
It Was On BCC Tonight, At 8 PM ( UK).
If You Didn't See It, Dont Worry! :) x
It's Here!
Im Extremely Pround Of Samantha. :) She Looks Absoultly Stunning. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On My Own And Valjean Quartet!

Samantha Barks' Version Of On My Own Is On The B Side Of Something. xxx
And, One Of The Best Songs In Les Miserables Is, " Bring Him Home,", Sung By Jean Valjean.
And That, Is Avaible On iTunes! Who's It Sung By? Well, The Valjean Quartet! ( 4 singers). If You Have The DVD Or Went To See Les Mis ( 25th Anniversary) At the O2 Or In Theatres On 17, November, 2010, You Would Have Seen It. It's Absoutley Wonderful. :) xx
Go Get It! The Money Goes To A Good Cause.. Charity I Think. xxx

:) xx

Saturday, December 11, 2010


--- the Beautiful Samantha Has Posted Some New Pictures Recently. :)
Also, Lily SLeeps For Like  10 Hours!

---Sam Will Be Singing In The Royal Variety Soon! ( or if it happend a few days ago, Sorry!)

--- Also, The Perfect ChristMiz Gift is the DVD! x Go Buy it! :D xx ( As far as i know, its on sale in USA and UK)

--- Soon All 4 Valjeans will Be On BCC Singing " Bring Him Home" From The 25th Anniversary Of Les Miserables!! :DD WOOP! x
---- Sam's Been Finishing Her Christmas Shopping Today! :D YAYY!

-- she's still the queen of chocolate

Friday, December 10, 2010

Les Miserables YouTube Channel!

Les Miserables Has Made An Official YouTube Channel Now!
The Link Is Posted Below, So Go Friend, Subscribe, Watch The Videos, Favorite , Comment.... Whatever. :) x
I Love It! :) xxx

Monday, December 6, 2010

More With Every Line

    Samantha Is Now On A CD Or Album Or Record, Whatever You Want To Call It. Well, She's On An Album Called, ' More With Every Line.' Many Other Artists And Actors And Actresses Are On There. The Album Is By Tim Prottey-Jones. It's Also Avaible On iTunes! Go Buy It! :D x
It's Like.. 99 Cents!!! :) x
The Song Samantha Sings Or Well, Is Featured In Is, ' Strong Without You'. It's A Very Good Song, And Like Always, She Has An Incrediable Voice. :) x


Lily And Sam Pictures.

I Just Love Samantha, And Her little Pup Lily, You Know. :) x
So, I Took Some Pictures And Edited Them. ADORABLE !:D Xx

I Made Both Of Them, So Please Don't Take! :) x

Lily Barks Pays A VisitTo The Stage Door!

Samantha's Beloved Pup Lily Payed A Visit To The Stage Door With Samantha On 4,December,2010. :) x
Awwww, Itsn't She Just Adorable?! xx
Lily's Very Well Loved, And She Knows It, Too! :) xx
She's One Special Dog, Samantha's TOP Dog. :) x
<-- Stage Door

Some Other Sam and Lily Pictures

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best friends keeping them grounded

Former X Factor contestant, singer and model Lucie Jones (right), 19, and Samantha Barks, 20 (who was on BBC1’s I’d Do Anything) both made their West End debut this summer in Les Misérables as Cosette and Eponine respectively. Lucie lives in West London with her flatmate Jared Murillo from Strictly, and Samantha lives nearby.

Lucie says:
I only met Sam in June when we both auditioned for Les Misérables, but we’ve been best friends ever since. We spend every day together, doing eight shows a week, so it’s not surprising we’ve become close.
Having Sam there made my first day of rehearsals much easier.

Everyone was nervous, but we bonded over the fact we’d both done reality shows. I’d voted for Sam on I’d Do Anything; I thought she was amazing.

Now we watch The X Factor on Sunday at my place with a roast dinner, and we’ve talked a lot about how nerve-racking the experience is and how we dealt with it differently. Sam would get to a point where she just went numb and would go into her own zone, whereas I’d have five minutes of rising hysteria, and then be fine.

Sam only lives ten minutes’ drive away, so we travel to work together for 2pm every day. In the morning, we’ll walk our dogs or wander around the shops.

We go out a couple of nights a week to dinner or events, but rarely to clubs as I’m not a fan of clubbing and I’d never turn up to work hungover. We have a little routine when we’re leaving an event. We’ll check each other’s hair, make-up and clothes and ask, ‘Can you walk in those shoes or do we need to go out of the back exit?’

Sam’s the kind of friend everyone needs but not a lot of people have. If I’m upset at work, whether it’s man trouble or whatever, she’ll know when to take me out of the room. Sometimes you need to be on your own to cry – well, I’ll cry on Sam instead!

Samantha says:
Getting off the train on my way to the audition, I noticed the girl in front of me had these amazing boots. Then I saw she was walking to the same place as me and suddenly realised, ‘Wow, it’s Lucie from The X Factor!’

We hit it off straight away, bonding over our shared love of shoes. On The X Factor, I remember thinking Lucie was so lovely. She’s like that in real life, but even more bubbly and fun.

On your first day of rehearsals, walking into a room full of new people can be very scary. I felt so lucky to have someone there that I knew was going to be a good friend. It made me feel safe.

We have a lot in common, but I always like to plan and I’ve discovered that Lucie forgets arrangements as soon as she’s made them, so I have to remind her. I can always tell if there’s something bugging her and I know the best way to get Lucie chatting is to tease her. She does the same to me. She’ll wind me up by sticking her face right in front of mine or poking me! She always knows how to put a smile back on my face.