Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Quick Thing.. (ps. Quite Pointless) :) xxxx

Samantha Hasn't Been Up To Much New YEt But SHe Has Been Doing Tons Of Stuff Over THe Last Few Days,SHes That COol. Well You People Better Go Send Her Gifts Cause Shes nice. :) Thanks. xxxx
~Barkinator Avaaaaaaaa!! YEEEEE!!!'

ps. Sorry xD Im bored

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  1. hey ava! i think we're soulmates!

    I'm a great Jonas Fan, and also a les mis fan. add me on facebook: and dont forget to introduce yourself.

    i like samantha barks. I've seen Les Mis a million times and i also want he role of eponine if i could be a broadway actress.

    i started loving les mis since when our HS teacher let us watch a dvd about it and Eponine there was Lea Salonga(my idol). so when i heard nick was doing a remake and he'll be marius, i was so excited. then there i met Samantha Barks(oh how i hope i was her).

    just sharing. Hope we could be best friends!

    ~>Micky Jonas *(i'm a girl, 17 years of excistence)