Thursday, September 30, 2010

Samantha Pics! :

Aw Sam Is Absolutly Awesome! :) xx :') We Love You Sam!

Some Really Awesome Sam Videos Are Gonan Be Posted Too! ( Well The Link I Think xD)
So Here Is The Links To Some of My Favorite Sam Videos, My Sam Videos, And Just - Sam Stuff! :D xxx
Sam On I'd Do Anything Opening Song, I'd Do Anything ( Oliver!.)

This One, I Know Sam's Not Shown In, But It's Les Mis, the 25th Anniversary. Pretty important to be posted I think cuz She's Eponine! :) xxx

Sam Singing On My Own In Les Miserables As Eponine! :) Awesome Song! She Is The BEST Eponine Ever! xxx

Sam Ang A Nice Guy Named Garry Lake Singing A Song They Wrote Called I Hate Playing Games/ Let Go. :) Deffinatly One Of My Favorite Songs! :D xxx
ps. Funny End! "WASP!" xD Must see!

Sam On I'd Do Anything Singing Wicked's (Musical) Defying Gravity, One Of Her Favorite Songs! ( it's One Of Mine Too! :D) Isn't She WOndeful?! :D
Note: You'll Probably See Alot Of I'd Do Anything Pics And Videos! I LOVE THis SHow! Especially When She's On It! :)xxxx
and The VIdeo Link is Underneath Each little vid. Discription!


Sam On I'd Do Anything Singing Survivor! :)x

Sam And Some Guy Dancing! She's Singing Sway! :) Isn't That Awesome? It's Hard To Sing And Do A Complicated Dance The Same Time! (Not That Hard For Her! :) , I can do that too xD)

Well Sam Lovers! This Is It For Now! :) I'll Be Back Tomorrow With More Sam Coming To You From me! :) x
-Ava Barks/Jonas x :) x

Les Mis Updates

Hey Everyone! :) I Hope You All Had A Great Day! :) If You're Going To See Sam In Les Mis.. O2.. Whatever It is, Im Sure it'll Be Awesome! Im Not Going Though, If I Lived in Uk, i probably would, but im In USA!
You Can Purchase Your Tickets, Find Pictures, Get Info, And Just Watch A Few Videos And Learn About les Mis and the Wonderful Talented Cast All At ! :) xxxx

My Montage 9/28/10 at

I Forgot To Put 1990 Instead of 1992! xD

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey Everyone! :) x Guess Who's Birthday It Is Soon? REALLY SOON! SAM'S! :D WOOT! SHE'S GONNA BE 20! :D xxx
Aw Man! :') x
Here's A Picture Of Sam And Her Chuihuahua Lily. :) x How Cute Is This? ( REALLLY-- no.. EXTREMELY CUTE!)
Again, Im Sending Sammy Stuff. :) So.. Yeah! xDDD
I don't think anyone ever came on here or anything.. hm, K.
:) Trying To Get Jenny To See This! Sam Did I Think!:) xxx
Peace! x <3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'd Do Anything Live Ep 8 - Samantha sings 'Defying Gravity'

A Few Things

Hey Everyone! :D I Hope You're All Having A Samantharific (teriffic) Day! :) x
So, I Just Made This Blog A Few Days Ago, So, Some Info And Pics And Stuff Might Be Old. :) Oh Well, I Might Not Get To ALL Of It, But Ill Just- Yeah Okay. :) x Hope All Is Well For All Of You! :) x
And Since Sam's 20th Birthday Is Coming Up, Which is 4 Days For Me ( USA) and About like.. 3 for UK Where Sam Is. I think Thats Right. xD Oh Well. :) x
I Am Sending Sam Stuff For Her B-Day, So I Hope She Gets It In Time. If Now, oh Well She'll Have it When She Gets it. :) x
I Just Got Home From School alittle bit ago. I g2g do Homework now.. -.- UGHHH!
I'll be posting later! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Samantha Barks

Hey Sam Lovers!
This Is My Blog For The Lovely, Talented,Beautiful,Red Velvet Cake Eater and The World's Greatest Eponine, Samantha Jane Barks. :) x
Here You Can Find The Latest Updates And Info All About Samantha. :)

     Samantha Jane Barks Was Born On October 2,1990 And She Was Born And Brought Up On The Isle Of Man. She Had Attended Laxey Primary School In Laxey And St. Ninian's High School In Douglas. After That, She Moved To London To Study A Levels At The Arts Educational Schools (ArtsEd) In Chiswick.
  Samantha Has Been Dancing Since She Was 3,Training In Ballet,Modern, And Tapwith Dancers Barre, then Stagecoach, Theatrix and the Manx Ballet Company.She was also a member of the Manx Operatic Society, which provided her with a lot of performing experience.
She Is One Great Actress! She's Been Snow White When She Was 4,in a school production, and the following roles in amateur productions at the Gaiety Theatre, Isle of Man and The Villa Marina, Isle of Man: Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, The Scarecrow in a ballet version of The Wizard of Oz, Dancing in Coppelia, La Boutique Fantasque, La Sylphide, The Nutcracker, Dick Whittington, Cinderella, Robinson Crusoe, Rizzo in Grease, a Hot Box Girl in Guys and Dolls, Cyndi Gibson in Back to the 80s (a role which she reprised in August 2007 at the Gaiety Theatre), and she understudied Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde.
Samantha's film credits include Jimmy Spud, Chromophobia and she also had a singing role in the ITV1 TV movie, The Final Quest, directed by and starring David Jason.
   Sam Aslo Loves To Sing Besides Acting! In 2007, She Released Her Debut Album, Looking In Your Eyes. It Sold 600 Or More Copies Right Away! Wow!!!! She Wrote 1 Of The Songs Herself, Then She Co-Wrote About.. 2 Of Them. She Performed Them With Her Awesome Band And Also, She Sang And performed One Or A Few Songs With her Sister Kim.
Samantha represented the Isle of Man in the Maltese International Song Competition in December 2007, where she won the main prize of €2000 and the title of Best Foreign Singer. She sang “Nothing Else” (Holland/Barks) from her album “Looking In Your Eyes” and 'Play On', a hit song in Malta. [10]
She also performed at the Peel Bay Festival in June 2007 supporting Matt Willis and the Sugababes, which also saw appearances by Madness and The Who.      Samantha Competed In A British Show Called I'd Do Anything. She Was One Of The Finalists In Search of A New Role To Play Nancy In The British West End Production Of Oliver!. She Reached The Final Where She Placed 3rd. On April 29,2008 , Sam's Home Place, This Isle Of Man, Was Re-Named The Isle Of Sam In A Sign Of Support. Street Signs And Airport Signs And Everything Was Changed After The Renaming Ceremony. On The Show, ( I'd Do Anything) Each Week The Contestants Had To Sing. Some Day's Alone, Others In Pairs (Duets). They'd Sing And Dance Trying To Get The Part Of Nancy.
      In Week 8, Sam Was Going To Sing Defying Gravity, One Of Her Favorite Songs From The Musical, Wicked. The Song Was Sung By Idina Menzel. Sam Got To Sing The Song For Her, And Got Such Wonderful Tips And Lots Of Support From Her. :) Wow! I Know That's A Day Samantha Will Never Forget The Rest Of Her Life. :)
      In Week 9, She Participated In The Sing-Off With Rachel Tucker. They Both Sang Memory From The Musical Cats. Andrew Lloyed Webber Chose To Keep Samantha (YAY! :D x) And Eliminate Rachel. His Exact Words Were, "Last night Cameron and I were both saying that we thought both of you would be fantastic Nancys and now here am I faced with this. But I've got to make a decision and I've got to think of where the show ultimately for Cameron is going to go and I think I have to go with you Samantha.
If I Were Him, I'd Definatly Go With Sam! x.
In the week leading up to the final shows on 31 May, the Nancy finalists posed for publicity pictures recreating some of Madonna's iconic images. Samantha was dressed in hotpants copying the pose from the cover of the 2008 album, Hard Candy.[15] Each Nancy also had a "Master Class" with Liza Minnelli in London.
At the end of Show one of the final, Samantha was announced as finishing third with Andrew Lloyd Webber saying, "Do you know what, I did think this would happen. But you've done so well to have got this far Samantha." Samantha said, "'It's been the most amazing experience of my life. Thanks to everyone and the panel for making it so incredible."

Awww! :) I Want To Be On That Show And Do What Sam Did! :) xxx Us Bark's Fans Are So Proud!
Now, Sam Is Playing Eponine In London's West End Production of Les Miserables At Queen's Theatre. Sam Is The BEST Eponine There Ever Was And Will Be. I Want To Be Eponine Like Her. :) x She Started On June 21,2010. Now It's Heading For October. Sam Has A Year Contract With The Show, Too! :) Sam Loves Her Job There. ( I Know I Would xD x)

Some Pictures Of Sam And Her Les Mis Friends:

Sam As Eponine And Nick Jonas As Marius                                                           Sam As Eponine

Samantha As Eponine, (Left) Nick Jonas As Marius, (Middle) Camilla Kerslake As Cosette (Right)

Awww! :) x <333
Some Pervious Work Sam Has Done:

In June 2008, she sang the Isle of Man National Anthem at the 2008 Isle of Man TT.
Samantha played the role of Sally Bowles in the UK tour of Cabaret from 29th August 2008 to 11th July 2009.
She performed her own concert called 'An Audience with Sam Barks' at the Villa Marina, Isle of Man on 3rd Jan 2009.
Sam performed alongside her I’d do anything buddies Sarah Lark and Jodie Prenger at the Theatregoers Choice Awards 2009 in Feb 2009.
She launched the new Manx Ship, the Caly Manx, in Shanghai on 30th September 2009.
Samantha, along with Wendy Craig and Jess Conrad (fellow cast members in Aladdin) switched on the Christmas Lights in Windsor's town centre on 21st November 2009.
Samantha played the title role in Aladdin during the Christmas Pantomime Season 2009/10.
She officially launched BreastHealth UK's new clinic at the Spire Thames Valley Hospital in Wexham on 27th November 2009.
She is currently starring as Éponine in the London production of Les Miserables since 21st June 2010. She has a year contract with the show.
She has been chosen to play Éponine in the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables at the O2 Arena on 3rd October 2010.
Samantha released a new song called 'Let Go' on, which she co-wrote with Garry Lake. Watch the video here:
She is also in the middle of filming a new Disney TV series called 'Groove High' that will be aired on the Disney channel in 2011.

:) <3
Well, That's What She's Doing Now! And She's Gonna Be In A Disney Series Called 'Groove High'. That Will Air In 2011! :) x
<---- Groove High, Express Yourself.

I Can't Wait For That To Come Out! :D x <3

Remember How Sam Wrote A Song With Garry Lake? :) It's Called I Hate Playing Games/Let Go.
You Can Listen To It Here:
Or See Her Sing It With Garry Lake:
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I Got Most Of This Info From:
And My Friend Barkateer Jenny. I Love The Pics She Has And Fan Pics She Makes. :) Thanks For The Pics And Info Jenny! :) x
Jenny's Blog:
Go Check Them Out! :) xxx

Pictures Of Sam:

Cheshire Cat - 1997/8<-- Sam As The Ceshier Cat In Alice In Wonderland (Age 7)
Snow White - 1994/5
Sam AsSnow White (Age 4) 
Sam As The Scarecrow In Wizard Of Oz Ballet. :) x

There Are So Many More Awesome Sam Pics! :D

Fan Pics:

(Isle Of Sam! :D x)

(My favorite pic of Sam)