Thursday, September 30, 2010

Samantha Pics! :

Aw Sam Is Absolutly Awesome! :) xx :') We Love You Sam!

Some Really Awesome Sam Videos Are Gonan Be Posted Too! ( Well The Link I Think xD)
So Here Is The Links To Some of My Favorite Sam Videos, My Sam Videos, And Just - Sam Stuff! :D xxx
Sam On I'd Do Anything Opening Song, I'd Do Anything ( Oliver!.)

This One, I Know Sam's Not Shown In, But It's Les Mis, the 25th Anniversary. Pretty important to be posted I think cuz She's Eponine! :) xxx

Sam Singing On My Own In Les Miserables As Eponine! :) Awesome Song! She Is The BEST Eponine Ever! xxx

Sam Ang A Nice Guy Named Garry Lake Singing A Song They Wrote Called I Hate Playing Games/ Let Go. :) Deffinatly One Of My Favorite Songs! :D xxx
ps. Funny End! "WASP!" xD Must see!

Sam On I'd Do Anything Singing Wicked's (Musical) Defying Gravity, One Of Her Favorite Songs! ( it's One Of Mine Too! :D) Isn't She WOndeful?! :D
Note: You'll Probably See Alot Of I'd Do Anything Pics And Videos! I LOVE THis SHow! Especially When She's On It! :)xxxx
and The VIdeo Link is Underneath Each little vid. Discription!


Sam On I'd Do Anything Singing Survivor! :)x

Sam And Some Guy Dancing! She's Singing Sway! :) Isn't That Awesome? It's Hard To Sing And Do A Complicated Dance The Same Time! (Not That Hard For Her! :) , I can do that too xD)

Well Sam Lovers! This Is It For Now! :) I'll Be Back Tomorrow With More Sam Coming To You From me! :) x
-Ava Barks/Jonas x :) x

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