Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few Things

Hey Everyone! :D I Hope You're All Having A Samantharific (teriffic) Day! :) x
So, I Just Made This Blog A Few Days Ago, So, Some Info And Pics And Stuff Might Be Old. :) Oh Well, I Might Not Get To ALL Of It, But Ill Just- Yeah Okay. :) x Hope All Is Well For All Of You! :) x
And Since Sam's 20th Birthday Is Coming Up, Which is 4 Days For Me ( USA) and About like.. 3 for UK Where Sam Is. I think Thats Right. xD Oh Well. :) x
I Am Sending Sam Stuff For Her B-Day, So I Hope She Gets It In Time. If Now, oh Well She'll Have it When She Gets it. :) x
I Just Got Home From School alittle bit ago. I g2g do Homework now.. -.- UGHHH!
I'll be posting later! :)

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