Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vamp It Up Samantha!

Since Halloween's Tomorrow, I Made Samantha Barks Into A Vampire!'
Fan Pic Ofcourse, Made By Me <3 x


Dead Eponine and Moneyly Lucie Jones

Today Samantha Uploaded A Picture Of Her As Eponine (Les Mis) Today! X
It's " Dead Eponine" Blood And All! x
Sweet xxxx

♥And Also, She Posted Another Picture. Sam Said, " Carries Her Credit Card In Her Belt, And Keeps Her Fifties Behind Her Ear.. @LucieJones Who Am I Talking About?"

Well, In The Pic, Lucie Is Like.. In her Dressing Room Dressed As Cosette In Les Mis. :) X

Samantha Having Les Mis Fun!

Here Are Some Pictures Samantha Has Taken With Her Les Mis Cast And Being In Her Dressing Room, Backstage ANd More! It's Awesome! :) X

<- Les Mis

<-- Opening Night Of Les Mis At Queens ( i think),  Joe Jonas,Samantha As Eponine, Nick Jonas As Marius, Camilla Kerslake As Cosette, And Kevin Jonas)

<-- Les Mis Crisp Party!
<-- Lucie Jones Backstage xD

<-- Sam And Mini Sam! :) X

Nick Jonas And Samantha Barks. (Marius and Eponine)

( Sam and Nick)

<-- Queens Theatre

<-- (name) as Marius and Sam As Eponine!x

<- Sam and Lucie Goofing Off! :) X

Les Mis After Party, Nick And Sam x

<- Opening Night Of Les Mis, Sam and Nick x
<-- Sam Backstage.. "???"  :) X

Sam and Lucie Jones. They Swaped Hats! xD Sam as Cosette and Lucie As Eponine. xD x

<- Sam As Eponine

<-- Sam Pointing To The Les Mis "In Concert" Poster. ( The O2)

Samantha And Her Toffee Apple :) X

Yesterday Samantha And Her Les Mis Cast We're Totally Loving Her Toffee Apples!
She Said " We Are Loving The Toffee Apples Here At Les Mis! Haven't Had One In Years!!"

She Also Posted A Picture Along With That.

Apparently She Wasn't Dressed Like 'Eponine! Hmm! X

I Thought SHe Looked Very Different Because Of No Eponine, But Most Of All, She Had Her Bangs Straight Down, Not On The Left Or Right Side Like She Normally Does! XXX

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Around this week


Samantha Always Responds To Her Fan's Messages. She Thinks They're All Sweet, And We Think Her Replies Are Awesome, Ofcourse They Get Us Excited She Noticed Us. x

You Can Send Samantha Fan Mail To This Address:

Samantha Barks
Queen's Theatre c/o Stage Door
51 Shaftesbury Avenue

( Please Note: Put Stage Door (c/o Stage Door) like i did, If You mail your package or letters to her without it, it'll end up at the front of the building or something, not like.. directly to her. x
Also, If You Request A Reply Or Autograph, Please Include A Self- Adressed And Stamped Envelope)

Also, You Can Send Her Fan Mail To Her Agent At:

Samantha Barks
c/o Kirk Whelan- Foran
United Agents
12-26 Lexington Street

:) x

Since One Address Is The Les Miserables Theatre, Sam Only Has A Year Contract With The Show, So SHe'll End In June in 2011. x

(Please Note: Sam Is Very Busy You See, So Replies Might Be A Few Weeks Late In Coming, Or It Depends On How Far You Live From UK. x)
:) xxxx

Her Email:

Contact Sam At:

:) xxxx
On My Behalf Of Sam And Her Family,
The Bark's Thank You For Your Support. :) They Truely Appreciate It <3 x

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sam And Her parents, And The Isle Of Man ♥

Here Are Some Pictures Of Sam And Her Parents, And The Isle Of Man.. And Her.. <3 x

 <---- Isle Of Man Crest

Sam Waving The Manx Flag <3

Isle Of Man Map, Shes From Laxey <3

Sam And Her Parents Richard And Ann


Sam 's Home Whee

Sam And Some Guy A The IOM. x(isle of man)


Hey Guys! Sorry I Haven't Been " Updating" As Much Or As Fresh As Possible. xx
School Has Been Hetick And Everything. x
But Here Now, Are Some Pictures Sam Has Posted Lately. x <3

Also, Samantha Has Gotten Her Flu Jab The Other Day, yesterday i Think.
1st Pic, Is .. Sam's Old Icon, But Purple, And Words. x Its For Love Is Louder, NoH8 (No Hate), Spread Love, And Ofcourse, Wear Purple To Show That Your For This And Supporting It All x

2nd, Is Samantha And Lily. Apparently, Lily Is S-M-I-L-I-N-G. Yes! :) Cuteee! <33 Sam Makes Me Smile In This One <3 :) X

Friday, October 22, 2010


I Know, This Is NOTHING TO DO WITH SAM, But I Love This Song. . it's Called Out Of My League By Stephen Speaks. ANy girl would like their or a guy to sing this to her <3 Its so cute and sweet <3 x

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Samantha Barks, Their Fans And More Are Wearing Purple, Changing Pics To Purple And .. PURPLE! Its Purplicious!
Wear Purple To Stop Bullying ( I think thats it) :) X

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

About Samantha♥

Here Is Information On Samantha:

- Name: Samantha Jane Barks
- Birthday: October 2, 1990
-Age: 20
-Place Of Birth-: The Isle Of Man ( The Isle Of Man Was Re-Named The Isle Of Sam When Sam Participated On BBC1's, I'd Do Anything x)
-Orginally From: Laxey (Isle Of Man/Sam)
-Current Location: London (UK)
-Eye Color: Brown
-Hair Color: Dark Brown
-Hair Length: Long
-Horoscope: Libra
-Height: 5ft 5 3/4 "
-Siblings and Family:  Mom,Dad, 1 Older Brother and 1 Older Sister
-Nieces/Nephews: Samantha Is The Proud Aunt To A Baby Girl Named Chloe (Her Brother's Daughter)
-Pets: A Chihuahua Named Lily Who She Loves Very Much and A Family King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Named Halle. ( She Calles Her Linda Though  :) x)
-Hobbies: Singing,Acting,Dancing,Sleeping,Being On Stage, Playing With Her Chihuahua Lily, and Hanging Out With Her Friends and Sleeping . (More too Im sure)
-Fan Of: Ricky Gervais
-Scared Of: Mittens
Hates: Early Mornings, and Vegetables


  • Occupation: Professional Singer And Actress
  • Years Active: 2008-Present
  • Training: Arts Educational School (ArtsEd) in Chiswick before entering Andrew Lloyd Webber's BBC competition 'I'd Do Anything' in 2008 looking for an unknown talent to play Nancy in a new West End production of Oliver!
  • Current Job: Sam Is Currently Playing Eponine In London's West End's Production Of Les Miserables. (25th Anniversary!) She Is Also Filming for A Disney Channel's Upcoming Show, Groove High!  That Will Be Appearing Sometime On Disney Channel in 2011. x She's Playing A Female Named Zoe! x
  • Past Jobs: Numerous amateur productions and performances with her band on the Isle of Man (details in the 'Sam's Career So Far section), Sally Bowles (Cabaret UK Tour 2008-9), Aladdin (Panto in Windsor 2009-10) Playing Eponine in the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 Arena on 3rd October 2010!!
  • Any Dreams: Being A Leading Lady In West End( YES! SAM HAS ACHIEVED THIS! :D x)
  • Idol: Idina Menzel ( Wicked's Green Witch (Wicked Withc Of The West), Elphaba)
  • Dream Role: Elphaba (Wicked)
  • Obsessed With:  Catherine Zeta Jones


  • Song: Defying Gravity From Wicked
  • Favorite Musical: Wicked
  • Singer: Regina Spektor
  • Book/Magazine: The Stage
  • Movies: Happy Feet,Zoolander, and Sex and The City
  • Place To Be: On Stage, Home, Or DisneyWorld (Florida)
  • TV Shows/Programs: The Office, Friends, Sex and The City
  • Animal: Penguin ( and Chihuahua Im Sure !X)
  • Item Of Clothing: Shoes
  • Color(s): Blue and Red (wore in I'd Do Anything)
  • Food: Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake, Vegetable Lasagne, Cheese and Onion Tayto Crisps
  • Chocolate Bar: Lion Bark
Sam Is A Chocolate Eater and Lover! :) xxxxx
Sweeeeeeeettt! x ♥

  • Sam Has Wrote A Song WIth Garry Lake Called " Let Go/I Hate Playing Games"
  • Sam Has Been On I'd DO ANything
  • Sam Has co-written Many Songs for her debut album " Looking In Your Eyes" They're Really Great! :) Check 'Em Out! My Favorite Is Umm.... Probably " Did I Ever Love You?" x Good SOng :) x
  • Sam Sings "A Little Fall Of Rain " And " On My Own" and More In Les Miserables As Eponine x

Samantha Just Recently Created A Website! x
It's Awesome! Just Click On The Link, SIgn Up/Log In! And Sign Up If You Havent! Im Barkateerjonasx . Once You Are Joined, You Can Acess Pics and Videos and The Chat Room! X
It's COol! :D <3 xxxx

Monday, October 11, 2010

♥The Beautiful Chloe♥

So, Samantha Has A Baby Niece! :D It's Her Brother's Daughter!
She Recently Said, " The beautiful chloe! I just can't get over how cute she is! I am so proud of my brother and the beautiful Louise x"

:) <3
Awww! I Wish She Was My Aunt! I'd Look Up To Her Sooooooooooooo Much! I Already Do! :) <3 x She's A Great Aunt, I Know That! :) <3 xxx
She Met Chloe For The First Time Yesterday, Which Was 10/10/10 :) Lucky Day I Suppose! <3 x
She Even Posted Some Pics!

Chloe Is Absolutly Beautiful. :) xx

The Two Pictures Of Chloe Sam Posted. :) XXX

Thursday, October 7, 2010


There Are Rumors About Nick Jonas And Samantha Barks Are Dating. xxx
Hmmm... Well, I Love Them Both Individually, But Together.. As A Couple.. I'm Sorry, But I Don't Really Like That! I Love Both of Them And Everything, But I Just Am... "IJT"EGIJ"GJIPEDNJGslknhsljnhkl ABout Them Together! Ah Yes! xxx

Hmm, Well. They Both Were Together At The After Party, But I Saw Thats Nothing Cause its The O2 Les Miserables After Party, And They Both Are In It! So.... !!!

Les Miserables O2 and After Party

Sam Did A Great Job As Eponine At The O2 Les Miserables Concert! :D <3 I Wish I Was There To See Her! I Did See Videos There, Still, She Was ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC! :D <333 xxx :) x
Here Are A Few Videos From This Awesome Event ( May be A Few Repeats, But Different Days) :

A Little Fall Of Rain (Nick Jonas As Marius and Samantha Barks As Eponine) :

Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Nick Jonas As Marius) :

Everyday/ A Heart Full Of Love ( Nick Jonas As Marius, Katie Halls As Cosette And Alfie Boe * forgot who he plays* :

Wedding Chorale/Beggars At The Feast ( Nick Jonas As Marius, Katie Halls As Cosette And More) :

On My Own( Samantha Barks As Eponine) :

Marius And Eponine (Nick Jonas As Marius, Samantha Barks As Eponine):

Finale ( Lucie Jones As Cosette And SOmeone Else As Marius, Samantha Barks As Eponine, And More!) (Old Cast Is Back!):

Some Les Mis Pictures (Everything, Not Just O2, Couldn't Find o2 xD):

Les Miserables O2 After Party:

( Credit To NickJOnline For Pictures :) )                   ♥
        ♥ ♥ ♥              :) <3 xx  ♥