Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dead Eponine and Moneyly Lucie Jones

Today Samantha Uploaded A Picture Of Her As Eponine (Les Mis) Today! X
It's " Dead Eponine" Blood And All! x
Sweet xxxx

♥And Also, She Posted Another Picture. Sam Said, " Carries Her Credit Card In Her Belt, And Keeps Her Fifties Behind Her Ear.. @LucieJones Who Am I Talking About?"

Well, In The Pic, Lucie Is Like.. In her Dressing Room Dressed As Cosette In Les Mis. :) X


  1. I don't know who the other girl is but that's a hilarious pic of Sam ROFL :D

    1. I agree! hehe. and Lucie Jones was Cosette at the Queens Theatre for the 25th anniversary shows with Sam. One of Sam's best friends : ) x

    2. Yea It is a very interesting facial expression LOL