Saturday, October 30, 2010

Samantha Having Les Mis Fun!

Here Are Some Pictures Samantha Has Taken With Her Les Mis Cast And Being In Her Dressing Room, Backstage ANd More! It's Awesome! :) X

<- Les Mis

<-- Opening Night Of Les Mis At Queens ( i think),  Joe Jonas,Samantha As Eponine, Nick Jonas As Marius, Camilla Kerslake As Cosette, And Kevin Jonas)

<-- Les Mis Crisp Party!
<-- Lucie Jones Backstage xD

<-- Sam And Mini Sam! :) X

Nick Jonas And Samantha Barks. (Marius and Eponine)

( Sam and Nick)

<-- Queens Theatre

<-- (name) as Marius and Sam As Eponine!x

<- Sam and Lucie Goofing Off! :) X

Les Mis After Party, Nick And Sam x

<- Opening Night Of Les Mis, Sam and Nick x
<-- Sam Backstage.. "???"  :) X

Sam and Lucie Jones. They Swaped Hats! xD Sam as Cosette and Lucie As Eponine. xD x

<- Sam As Eponine

<-- Sam Pointing To The Les Mis "In Concert" Poster. ( The O2)

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