Wednesday, November 3, 2010

♥Les Mis And More♥

Hey All Barkateers! :) XX Yup! X Im BACKERO!! Haha! :) XX SO Once Again Im Here To Bring You News And Stuff About Sam! X :)
Welllll, Nothing New Happened Recently, So Im Gonna Go Over A Few Things.

Samantha Is Currently Playing Eponine In The 25th Anniversary Of Les Miserables in the 2th Anniv. Concert As We Know. Well, She Only Has A Year Contract With The Show, So Hurry And Go See Her! Ofcourse While You're There, You'll Wanna Meet Her! She Uusually Comes Out To Sign autographs,Take Pictures And "Say Hi" Everyday! So You Can Contact Her  On Her Twitter And Facebook. x ANd, There ARE Posers As Her On FaceBook! :O. x I'd Contact Her On One Of Us To Get The Real Link To The Real Sam. x ( Well Maybe Not Me, I Really Dont Know It To Be Honest! XD HA! Ill find out probably)

Also, Sam's TV Show Groove High Will Be Coming Out On Disney Channel In 2011! IM SOOOOO EXCITED! ( those are gonna be my new favorite Commertials! XD HHHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! no seriously,.)


Go ANd Do That.. XD :) X

Samantha's The Sweetest Person Ever. :) X
She's Deffinatly A Ledgend. :) X

Lots Of Love And Much Love Your Way,
Love, Barkateer Ava X ♥

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