Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sam's back!

Well Everyone! Samantha Didn't Update Us InA While, So We Got Worried. We All Had oUr Own Different Oppionions Of Where She Could Be. She COuld've been Sick, busy With Les Mis, On Vacation, Off Work, Sick.. Or Who Knows! Well We Don't Know What Or Where She Was Or Doing, But She's back,A nd She's Very Happy And Thankful For Her Fans Who Were Worried, She's Absolutly Amazed :) X
There Is A Rumor That She And Nick Jonas Are Dating, Which We Knew About A Little Back, But Now, There's Always Something New To Know About Them! So, There's A Rumor, Which May be True, That She Went To Jonas Brothers Concerts With Nick, And She Was With Joe's Girlfriend, Ashley Green. Hmm. :) X
But anyway,
Im Glad Your Back!

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