Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Im Sorry For Not Posting In A While! :(.

Recently, Sam Has Been Busy With Her Show, 'Oliver'. She's Nancy! She Also Got The News Revealed On Stage One Night By Cameron Mackintosh, She will play Eponine In The Les Mis Movie That Is Aiming To Be Out By December 7. Not Deffinate, Yet. I'm So Proud! She also was hanging out with Lucie Jones, (Cosette in Les Mis in the 25th anniv at Queens Theatre, X-Factor Contestant.) For her 21st Birthday At Thrope Park! so fun! Xxxxxxxx


  1. It is her birthday! How could you forget?

    1. Im sorry for not posting it, I did not forget though! I Have tweeted her and such! <3 I wouldn't forget Sammy's bday! : ) Don't worry! I apologize for not blogging recently, though. But I did not forget : ) x

  2. Hello, my name is Carol and I'm from Guatemala, a small country with no musical culture :( I'm kind of odd here jaja). I became fan of Sam since I watched and loved the 25th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables and now I can't wait for the movie. I know that it's probably not likely but if I can help in anything digital jajaja let me know. I really admire Sam and for the record is before everyone know her name, because once the movie comes out, everyone will know her name :D I know it because she is GREAT! cheers from this side of the ocean :D