Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Les Miserables Movie!

Today I've gone to the movie theatre to see the Les Miserables movie!
I was so amazed! I've waited a few years for this movie, and it was amazing!
What did you guys think of it?
Honestly, in my own thoughts, I did find a few things I'd change, but overall, the entire thing was accurate, perfect, and just lovely!
Samantha, on the other hand, was perfect. I did cry a little bit during "On My Own" and "A Little Fall of Rain" of course!
Everybody did a terriffic job, and thank you to the cast and crew, producers and directors for bringing this to life once again.
The new song they've put in the film was beautiful! It was truly great! I've really enjoyed it.
At my showing (3:20 PM, there were maube four or five showings today!) literary every seat was filled.
I suppose most people were there because they wanted to see it or they love Les Mis like I do, or maybe they were there to support Amanda, Anne, Hugh, or Russell. But, I was there for a few reasons, yes, I love theatre and Les Mis, music, and all, but I was there because of Sam!
She just put all of the emotions in it together and made the entire moment amazing!
Picture perfect, I must say. Picture perfect... <3
I hope you all get the chance to go see it in theatres soon!
If you went today, what did you think of it? Favorite part? : )
I was truly blown away, and I know I'm re-using a lot of words in this blog post, but I'm just.. still speechless!
It was ... egiwjgoijwojsjd, AMAZINGLY PERFECTLY PUT TOGETHER.
And, Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and got everything you wanted and had a great time with family and friends, or whatever you may have done these few days, and today especially.
Since the New Years is coming up, I'll try to make sure I blog more often. I do have final exams for school in the next few weeks, so I'll be quite busy, and Yes, I will miss certain Samantha events and news that will not be covered in my blog, but I will try my best. Please, bear with me.

And, I did not forget Samantha's birthday in October. (2nd of October! She's 22!)
I may not have blogged any wishes or news on it this year, but I have tweeted her that day and wished her a very happy birthday a few times, so that was my way of it.

So, in all, the film today was just amazing! So lovely!
Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the support!
God Bless you all! <3
: )



  1. She's just so cute!I'm just so impressed on how she's improved,2008 she was already amazing but now she surpassed my expectasions and thats all I have to say.